April 2024: Structured Securities and Esoteric ABS with Mike Nowakowski, Head of Structured Products

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April 2024: Structured Securities and Esoteric ABS with Mike Nowakowski, Head of Structured Products
Conning ConnText is a quarterly podcast that features our firm’s view of capital markets, trends and investment strategies for the insurance industry, hosted by Rich Sega, Conning’s Global Chief Investment Strategist. Rich also invites a guest to provide additional insight about a particular asset class, investment idea or insurance industry trend.

Conning ConnText is intended to provide just that: context for insurance investing. Conning’s deep understanding of the investment environment and the insurance industry helps us to serve the unique needs of insurers.

Episode Archive
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January 2024: Insurers’ Investment Risk Attitudes with Matt Reilly, Head of Insurance Solutions

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October 2023: Applying AI to the Investment Process with Ole Jorgensen, Research Director, Global Evolution

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July 2023: State of the States with Karel Citroen, Managing Director and Head of Municipal Credit Research

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May 2023: Examining U.S. Banks with Matt Daly, Head of Conning North America

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January 2023: Energy Markets Review with Marcus McGregor, Director and Head of Commodities (Energy and Basics) Research Team

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October 2022: Mid-Term Elections Outlook with Michael Mix, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager

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July 2022: Real Estate Insights with Tom Cloutier, Director, Portfolio Management and Trading

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April 2022: Emerging Markets Overview with Alia Yousuf, Emerging Markets Credit Analyst, Global Evolution
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