Insurers and pension plans are facing increased scrutiny and pressure to understand the impact of climate risk on both sides of the balance sheet. While the concept is well developed on the liability side, Chief Risk Officers and the actuarial function are now also seeking to address climate risk on their asset allocations. The Conning Climate Risk Analyzer™ takes climate risk analysis to the next level, providing critical insights and helping clients get ahead of regulatory requirements. Learn more.
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Climate Risk: Turning Theory into Practice
The demand from regulators of asset managers, banks, pensions funds, and insurance companies to assess and monitor the potential impact of different climate risks on their organizations is gathering pace, and it is vital that companies prepare for the requirements that increased scrutiny of climate-related risk will bring. In this white paper, we present a concise methodology and  practical description of the development and use of climate risk stress tests. Fill in the form at right to receive your copy of the paper.

Conning Climate Risk Analyzer™