Conning Allocation OptimizerĀ®
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Strategic Asset Allocation analysis using the Conning Allocation Optimizer® software provides critical insights on investment risk and return. The software’s stochastic optimization engine rapidly evaluates thousands of possible asset allocation strategies across thousands of possible future states of the economy and financial markets. The set of all portfolios that maximize reward at a given level of risk is referred to as the efficient frontier, and the strategy that maximizes a company’s business objectives while staying within its identified risk tolerance is referred to as the optimal investment strategy.

Conning’s new browser-based Conning Allocation Optimizer™ tool uses cloud technology to evaluate thousands of possible allocations at incredible speed and at a fraction of the cost of maintaining in-house server farms. Interactive reporting tools allow the user to explore the data, adjust parameters, and drill down into results in real time. Tailoring your message to stakeholders has never been easier. The Conning Allocation Optimizer® is suitable for property/casualty, life, health, and multi-sector insurers and reinsurers, as well as pension plans, investment managers, and personal wealth managers.

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