Conning is a leading investment management firm with the people, skills and commitment to serve the unique needs of mutual insurers.

Click below to view Conning’s 2017 Executive Summary, Growing Pains at Property-Casualty Mutuals, and stop by our NAMIC booth to inquire about a full report

Committed to Partnership

We speak your language and learn how you think about your business

We build customized investment solutions targeting issues most important to you

A Holistic Approach That Leverages Our Broad Strengths

Insurance Expertise: Solutions reflect rich knowledge of market challenges

Investment Management: Built to serve your return / risk objectives

Risk Management: Focused on downside portfolio protection

Strategic Asset Allocation: Developed with a liability focus to serve the needs of policyholders

Deep Expertise and Skills

Founded in 1912: Insurance is where we began and is still who we are today

165 investment professionals with over 18 years average experience

Committed to Transparency and Communications

A dedicated portfolio manager for your account

Online access to your portfolio information and customized reporting capabilities

Monthly and quarterly reports let you know Conning's views on the economic and capital markets
Ryan Saul, ARe
Director, Business Development
For more than 17 years Ryan has been working closely with mutual insurers, helping them address the unique needs facing mutual companies. He has a wealth of experience in developing customized investment solutions that leverage his career in insurance asset management and reinsurance brokerage.
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September 23-26  •  San Antonio, TX

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Isabel started with Conning in 2017 and is responsible for lead generation, collateral development and branding. Prior to joining Conning, she was a financial intern at Foresters Financial. Isabel is a recent graduate of the University of Connecticut with a degree in Economics.
Isabel Thompson
Associate, Business Development